Mobile enrichment facility POU- 3 

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Centrifugal concentrator of precious metals CKP-0.2M



high quality gravity concentration of small-sized samples of fine-grained materials (sands or finely ground ores) containing free gold, platinum, silver anf other precious minerals during geological exploration of deposits




- in evaluation of content of precious metals and other valuable heavy minerals in geological samples in geological exploration of alluvial and ore deposits, as well as industrial waste of old mines;

- in processing of low-grade gravity concentrates produced at sluices of refinery plants, in reprocessing of tailings of jig units, concentration tables and magnetic-liquid separators, containing fine, fine-dispersed and dust gold at placer gold-concentrating sites of prospectors’ teams;

- in processing of low-grade gravity concentrates at placer gold-concentrating plants, finishing plants and in prospectors’ teams;

- for the evaluation of the operation of mineral processing plants and prospectors’ teams on the basis of complex mineral technological analysis of the products of minerals processing.








Technological advantages:

- the possibility to produce concentrates of fine, fine-dispersed and dust gold and platinum: class

-0.5 + 0.25 mm – 98-100%; class -0.25 + 0.1 mm – 97-98%; class -0,1+ 0.05 mm – 96-97%; class -0.05 + 0.015 mm – 80-96%; class –o.015 + 0,01 mm – 68-80%;

- the possibility to process concentrates containing up to 80 % of heavy minerals (magnetite, pealite, chromespinelide, etc.);

- the possibility to extract concentrates of mercury, as well as gold and platinum with grain size of 3…5 ?m;

- environmental safety of the technological process;

- high economical efficiency;

- the possibility to operate on recirculated water;

- rubber replacable bushes of the concentrating cup considerably accelerate the process of concentrate discharge without losses



Technical characteristics

Grain size, mm <2
Maximal capacity: (solids), kg/h 200
Optimal capacity 75-100
Pulp dilution (solid to liquid ratio) for alluvial deposits от 1:4 до 1:6
for ores от 1:8 до 1:12
Reduction To 1000 times 
Concentrate amount, ml 40-80
Supply line characteristics, V/Hz 220/50
Installed capacity, kWt 0,25
Size, mm 460х290х400
Weight, kg 28