Mobile enrichment facility POU- 3 

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Repulper R50



High-quality pulp preparation for further gravity concentration by active mixing of fine-grade material (ground ore, industrial raw material or alluvial sands) with water and, when necessary, with weak chemicals for better dispergation (disintegration) of clay or for prevention of floatability, as well as for uniform pulp feeding for concentration.



- in technological research of mineral and industrial raw material containing heavy valuable components for their gravity concentration;

- for estimation of precious metals content in ores and alluvial deposits at the stage of geological exploration;

- in the extraction of precious metals from nonconventional raw materials containing precious metals (fusion furnace scrap, slugs and sinters of pyrometalluggical melting, overspills of sorbtion columns, refinery waste, etc.)





Technical advantages:

- high capacity;

- continuous operation (material supply with simultaneous pulp discharge);

- ecological cleanness of the mixing process.




Technical characteristics

Maximum grain size of mixed materials, mm 2
Pupl density (solid to liquid ratio) от 1:5 до 1:2
Tank capacity:
- cone-shaped part, l 26
- to the first tank riffle (from the cone-shaped part), l 40
- to the second tank riffle (from the con-shaped part), l 50
Optimal rotation frequency of the impeller, rotations per minute 180-240
Consumed power, kW No more than 1.2
Size, mm 600х500х1065